The Slipper Room is the brain child of performer and producer James Habacker. When it opened in 1999 neo-burlesque was in its infancy. Before that time there had been some random shows in lofts and bars around the city, but the Slipper Room was the first venue built specifically to showcase the work of this burgeoning new collective. It was an art project in itself, an artist run venue designed to nurture emerging talent, and push performers to reach their true potential.

For eleven years, the Slipper Room presented Variety shows most every night of the week, on other nights you never knew what you might find, a kabuki dance troupe, a full orchestra, a play, a famous musician doing a secret show. The theatre also created its own touring company and began taking its show on the road around the US and Europe, spreading the word, and planting the seeds that led to so many scenes springing up in towns all over.