What’s in ThPicture 11e Box? Most people can’t get into it, but those who have, don’t even know what to say. The Box is incredible nightlife decadence and over the top sexuality that is unique- and shocking- even to this City that’s seen it all. One part Folies Bergere theater (complete with barely clothed dancers) and one part super trendy nightclub, The Box is still one of the hottest doors to get into, eventhough it’s a few years old.

The Box is shaped like a theater, complete with round tables and a second floor balcony (a.k.a. the VIP section). Starting at 1:30 every night, three “interesting” shows perform on stage in hour intervals, with each one getting naughtier and raunchier. The MC (the most famous one being Raven O) kicks the sharp-witted stage shows that are all about finding social commentary through nudity, sexuality and even faux murders. Featuring what could be circus stars (if they weren’t always nude), the acts go from crazy robotic dancers to knife wielding throwers to up and coming singers, but they are most always, always very risque performances.

Needless to say, reservations, and a very large pocketbook, are needed to get into this place that would make Sin City blush.