The French born designer Isabel Marant brings to the US the quintessential Parisian style. At a first look, her designs seem effortless, comfortable, but with details which give them a bohemian, modern twist. The muted colors, and the high-end textiles, make her clothing easy to wear, but visually beautiful. Even though, she is a well established designer in France, Isabel Marant opened her first boutique in New York in 2009 on Green Street (corner of Broom). Her store sells her main collection and a more affordable line – Etoile. She also designs and sels beautiful pieces of jewelry. With the opening of this store, Marant became increasingly more popular among NY’s fashion people, so her loose-fitted dresses and masculine jackets can be seen on Thursday nights at galley opening in Chelsea, or on a Saturday night in Meat Packing.

Therefore, Isabel Marant creates for the stylish woman, who wants to be fashionable, but feel comfortable at the same time, and look as if she didn’t put much effort in dressing up, even though she looks absolutely fabulous.

469 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 219-2284