The Perrin house, dating back to 1893, continues its longstanding heritage by offering an elegant and contemporary array of handbags, gloves and leather accessories. Modern in design and timeless in appeal, the Perrin collection embodies refinement, integrating the finest quality leather with first-rate craftsmanship and dedication to absolute perfection.

Devoted to an expertise passed on from one generation to the next, the Perrin house remains attentive to the quality and excellence of its products, controlling every step of the leather making process. The house has recently invested in its own manufacturing plant built according to the latest standards, and in full compliance with environmental codes.

“We wish to offer women a luxurious product, no matter the lifestyle” explains Michel Perrin, the fourth generation representative of the marque. “Our handbags and gloves are appreciated by a woman who knows her style, what is unique about it…and about herself. They reveal a woman’s’ attitude while enhancing her natural elegance.”