Dream Dry

DreamDry isn’t just a salon — It’s a destination.

They have made it easier than ever to express your personal style — and keep your style evolving. They’ll go above-and-beyond to ensure that every visit is consistently exceptional — and exceptionally consistent.

Step through the doors, and you’ll be greeted with a smile & a personal iPad — yours to enjoy, throughout your entire DreamDry experience. Catch up on your favorite magazines and flip through the latest red-carpet hair trends. Or simply relax with a fresh beverage & do nothing at all: serenity is always in vogue.

After a quick consult with your stylist, you’ll be escorted back to the wet space to get all lathered up, and then it’s over to your styling station for the ultimate blow dry: faster than you’d ever dreamed possible, with impeccable attention & care.

Ready to check out? A concierge is waiting at your styling station to complete your check to and ensure that you’re utterly delighted with your experience.

Who says luxury has to cost an arm & a leg — or take more than an hour?

Pressed for time? With our Express Service, you can get a legendary look in a New York minute (Well, 20 minutes, to be precise…) Visit dreamdry.com for more information.