RitaHazanWhen Oprah features you- twice- and Jessica Simpson cheats on the colorist she made famous to be in your hands, you must be someone of high quality. You must be colorist Rita Hazan.

By her humble personality and youthful appearance, one would never know they were in the hands of a beauty master. So our correspondent was shocked to see that when Rita Hazan starts to foil it’s as if a kung-fu ninja has emerged. Rita uses a special folding technique, almost like the FlipFold, that allows the time-consuming process to go remarkably fast with each foil being of the same size.

While this may seem like an accomplishment in itself, it’s the mixture she uses in the back that is true genius. Rita takes time to listen to her clients and hear what they cannot express themselves, ending with results that near perfection. And the color lasts nearly forever in hair terms; the only reason to touch one’s hair after emerging from the salon is to touch up the roots, but never the color.

To add to the experience, make sure to get the special protein hair treatment that leaves even the most butchered of blondes absolutely shiny.

So, sure, stylists get all the credit for the “perfect” cut, but anyone who dyes their hair knows that finding the “perfect” color is nearly impossible. From personal experience, we know Rita Hazan makes the impossible perfectly possible.

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