Uniqlo is one of the main brands who introduced Japanese apparel to the USA. How? Simple style, great fabrics, colorful prints, affordable prices, mass production. I first discovered Uniqlo in Tokyo – their T-shirts with Manga prints were must-buy presets for my friends back in New York. So, I was thrilled when i found out they opened a location in Soho, and I have been a loyal customer ever since. Similar to the one in Japan, the New York store is huge, airy, and full of light. The service is great, and their merchandise is always neatly organized. Uniqlo sells hundreds of styles of T-shirts, tights, sweaters, jackets, blazers – they certainly have something for everyone. T-Shirts start at $12.90 and the prints are fashionable, colorful, and catchy. Tip: during fall and winter you can find cashmere sweaters for less than $100 – and that’s what I call a great deal!