Not too far from Philly!

Animal Kingdom boasts one of the most extensive wild animal collections in New Jersey. Many of their animals are endangered species, which is why the zoo is so important. Their mission is to educate visitors about the importance of preserving the environment and, as a result, the animals that live there. Animal Kingdom’s large collection of animals, some free roaming and others caged, have traveled from six continents to make their home at Animal Kingdom.

Unparalleled Primate Collection

Animal Kingdom boasts one of the largest collections of primates in the United States. Among their honored guests, they have the Mandrill Baboon with its stunning blue face, exotic Japanese Snow Macaques, three species of lemurs and fifteen other species of primates.

Giraffes in New Jersey

At Animal Kingdom, they have several giraffes, many of which are babies born right there in New Jersey.

Tapir Fun

Animal Kingdom has Tapirs!. Their Tapirs are from South America and are cousin to the horse.

One hump or two?

…The camels at Animal Kingdom have one! Did you know that the camel’s hump is used to store fat, not water? Camels are from Asia and are at home in the desert. There isn’t any desert here at Animal Kingdom but we give them a large pile of sand in the summer to lay on.