Located conveniently in Old City, Campo’s Deli is one of the best places for all those infamous, gut-busting Philly food favorites. Specializing in authentic cheesesteaks and hoagies (don’t you even try and order a hero or a sub in this joint), Campo’s has been serving the city since 1947 when it was opened by Ambrose and Rose Campo as a grocery store and luncheonette.

For Campo-virgins, go with the classics: Campo’s Italian Special Hoagie with Dilusso Salami, Ham Capacollo, Peppered Ham, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, Provolone; and a Classic Cheesesteak (wiz wit’ if you like onions). Other menu all-stars are the Caprese Sandwich with Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Prosciutto, Sweet Roasted Peppers and Basil Vinaigrette Drizzle, or the Heater – a spicy cheesesteak with Jalapeno Cheddar and Buffalo Hot Sauce (you can get this killer sandwich at Phillies games, too).

If when you return home and your heart still aches for some beefy-cheesy delight, have no fear – just go on their website and order up from the shipping menu.

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