When considering Philadelphia bars, Jose Pistola’s gets the rare A++ for its bartenders. These guys will be your friend and laugh with you all evening all whilPicture 14e still managing to be unintrusive in your own conversations. The exposed brick walls, industrial-chic feel and long curving bars are a welcome surprise to the plain view of the outside.

Philly residents know Pistola’s for its beer list, which is long, lovely and always changing. If you get a good conversation going with the bartender, they’ve been known to pull some unique brews from the back for curious customers. Highlights of the menu are the nachos, which can be split for a table and are covered in some serious queso fresco, and the melt in your mouth, take me to Mexico empanadas. Whether you’rd singing work woes away at happy hour or hitting margaritas and burritos late night, Jose Pistola’s will be a good time.