All pets are rock stars says BONeJOUR, and we certainly agree – especially when Fluffy is wearing her skull and crossbones couture collar. BONeJOUR is Old City’s pet boutique, outfitting your pup or kitty in only the finest collars, leads and accessories.

If your pooch is a princess, this shop will outfit them in tiaras, barrettes and bows for any occasion. There’s also rhinestone pendants and glitter cat collars if you prefer our feline friends. And all of our furry friends will be lounging in style on the state-of-the-art animal beds.

BONeJOUR promises that they love your pet as much as you do, which means that they have taken extra care to make sure the treats are nutritious, the toys are durable, and the leashes will keep your pet harnessed, which makes Mommy and Daddy very happy.

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