Sure, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has over 225,000 works in 200 galleries and 450 pieces of Presidential China, the finest collection outside the White House, but it also has Rocky Balboa.

Picture 8Stepping up to this incredible museum gives you the desire to put your headphones in, race up the stairs, throw your arms in the air in triumph, and quickly showcase some boxer moves. At least, that’s what Rocky did. Yes, this is the legendary landmark where Rocky trained for the ring. For the filming of Rocky III, Sylvester Stallone himself commissioned the famous Rocky Sculpture that is now posed for photo ops with film fans in its new location at the foot of Eakins Oval, next to the museum.

Of course, let’s not forget. The Art Museum, as it’s appropriately called, hosts traveling art shows of all mediums, from Images of Eastern Art, featuring Chinese Ceramics from the Ming Dynasty that date back as early as 1368, all the way to Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art movement. Anything goes- above the belt- at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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