Picture 7Surf ‘N Turf is typically what comes to mind when you think about Cali, but that’s not all the Golden State is famous for. Film fans from all over gather in San Francisco each February for the annual Indie Film Fest. With genres ranging from stop-motion and animated shorts to full-length feature films, the Indie Film Fest is all the rage, and its popularity grows each year.

This is the place to check out many world premieres of quality, artistic, and meaningful movies.  Catch Rodney Perkin’s Access Denied, a film about the weird and wacky, yet wonderful world of Public Access Television.  For animation fans, it would be a mistake to miss Chan-Chia Chang’s Pause Replay, a love story between a camera and a camcorder where the characteristics of the two machines are used to simulate the relationship of lovers.

As with any festival, there’s always a party. Don’t miss the 7th annual Big Lebowski Party on Friday where given the film’s reputation, you’re sure to find white Russians, mini bowling, beachside trampolines, and more.