Although VaPicture 10lentine’s Day comes once a year, Aricie Lingerie has been adorning women with sexy undergarments everyday since 1982. With most of the merchandise coming from Europe, you’ll find fabulous French designs from Aubade, Chantelle, Rien, and Nina Ricci, and invigorating Italian trends from R. Crescentini, Parah and Valery.

Half the fun in shopping at Aricie is pretending you’re fluent in a romance language, with designs like Fleurs de pommier Demi Bras and Signora di Quadri G-Strings. You’ll look so good in Aricie’s collections, your partner won’t care what you say when you get home!  Of course, for that extra boost at work, you’ll feel confident knowing what’s underneath that stiff professional exterior. So, skip the chocolates and clichéd Victoria’s Secret black lace and get something you’ll feel gorgeous in all year.