The Fairmont Hotel, located among the finest real estate of Nob Hill, has been a testament to San Francisco’s hospitality since its opening after the 1906 Earthquake.  Not only does the hotel offer 591 luxurious rooms and suites (not to mention a 6000 sq. ft. rooftop penthouse suite that accommodates over 100 guests), but has an impressive list of services as well.

As a FairmoSAF133_Balcony_Suitent guest, enjoy free use of Nob Hill’s exclusive Club One Health Center & Spa or spend your business trip in the finest corporate meeting space in San Francisco.  The Garden Room is, after all, where delegates from around the world drafted the 1945 United Nations Charter.

Throughout the century, socialites and travelers have favored Afternoon Tea Service in The Laurel Court Restaurant & Bar, which serves the best in sustainable fine dining and local wines. Then experience a tropical rainforest and exotic Asian cuisine in the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar.

Seasonal packages are also available, like Valentine’s Day after hours “Wine and Dine Tour” at the California Academy of Sciences.  Whatever your interest in staying at the Fairmont, this hotel is sure to provide the highest quality of service.

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