Picture 43Cappuccinos are to North Beach as tea is to Chinatown. San Francisco is a city known for fresh ingredients and its cultural melting pot translating into the kitchen. Local Tastes of the City offers an experience to taste it all in the diverse foodie neighborhoods of North Beach/Little Italy and Chinatown.

The North Beach/Little Italy Tour is so much more than a food tour, it’s a cultural experience. Not only will you find freshly baked bread that will send your senses soaring, but also discover quaint shops with handmade ceramic trinkets, intricately woven baskets, quilts, and more; uncover hidden authentic Italian cathedrals; and experience first-hand the coffee roasting process in these small shops. Locals come here for the fresh food, but they stay for the culture.

You’ll think you stepped into Beijing, but don’t be fooled, it’s just Chinatown. The cuisine will enliven your senses with new flavors and aromas. See artisans practice their crafts in back alleyways that can’t be viewed from a double-decker bus, watch as chefs fold fortune cookies by hand, and view the unique architecture of building such as the Sing Chong Building and the Bank of Canton.

Travel deep into the essence of these neighborhoods by trying different foods and drinks from the best and most authentic bakeries, restaurants and cafes in town. These stops are not typical tourist spots, yet places that the locals go to shop and eat. Taste pastries and breads in Little Italy, dim sum and tea in Chinatown, and much more.

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