SFchateauJust two blocks north of Alamo Square’s famous “Painted Ladies” lies an equal beauty: The Chateau Tivoli. It charmed the likes of Mark Twain and Luisa Tetrazzini back in the day and continues to be a favorite among the elite. As elegant on the outside as it is on the inside, this landmark bed and breakfast will make you re-think this genre of accommodation.

For the modern guest, you’ll find a gracious wine and cheese reception in an old-fashioned music parlor. They even serve a classy champagne brunch on weekends. Antique furniture lavishes each suite from the likes of the Vanderbilt, Charles DeGaulle, and J. Paul Getty estates, that are named after famous opera singers and dancers who frequented the mansion.

If you’re looking to grab one of the nine room suites, you may be sharing the roof with some famous mansion-mates. Many a famous band member, talk show host, and actor have stayed at the Chateau Tivoli, keeping a low profile away from bustling downtown, while maintaining their sophisticated lifestyle.

Insider Tip: For quality reservations, forgo the online route and call Manager Nico Lizarraga.