A fresh hairstyle can transform your spirit and give you a positive outlook, even if you change it monthly.  If you have an elaborate vision for your hairstyle or need a salon that will creatively design one for you, Metamorphosis in Hayes Valley is the salon that will exceed your expectations.  With over a decade in the international beautPicture 4y industry, owner and head stylist Stas Mikhailov lives by the motto “Beauty is Power!” and will have you chanting with him by the end of your session.

The salon itself is modern, charming, and feminine, with enthusiastic stylists providing the best in customer service.  Have some white wine while the self-proclaimed “Agents of Transformation” bring out your unique beauty through style, highlights, updos, or even professional fashion consulting.  From the friendly reminder call to the next-day follow up, your personalized experience at Metamorphosis will have you coming back for a new look as often as Madonna changes her wardrobe.

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