The trek to Fruit & Spice Park in The Redland may be a far jaunt but it’s worth the trip. The 37-acre park is the ideal way to take in the natural setting of this southern area of South Florida.

Thanks to the park’s tropical climate, the grounds are home to more than 500 varieites of fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and nuts as well as a variety of exotic plants. The varieties of fruits and plants is astounding like 150 of mango, 75 of banana and 70 of bamboo. Also growing here are pumpkins, avocados, persimmons, black sapotes, papaya, starfruit, dragonfruit, guava and jackfruit.

They all make the perfect ingredients for the fantastic smoothies prepared at the on-site Mango Cafe. They’ve also got a Fruit & Spice Park sampler, a variety of fresh salads, wraps and other specialties.

Fruit & Spice Park is located at 24801 SW 187 Ave., 305-247-5727,