Not many discount ticket booths get the kind of attention that TKTS receives, like a star-studded grand opening and Jay-Z and Alicia Keys singing on its steps in their ode to New Yoooork, but this place is worth all the praise.

For years this gem of Broadway has bPicture 14een stuck un-glamorously under the Marriot Marquis, a hidden secret for the ticket savvy. Now, after some major construction, the new TKTS Times Square booth is open- and saying it’s better than ever is a serious understatement. It’s not in the heart of Times Square, it is Times Square. The booth, located under the can’t-miss red steps, has transformed Duffy Square into a Broadway fan and tourist photo-op heaven.

Thankfully, the generous discounts are still the same with up to half-off for same-day performances of Broadway favorites Chicago, Jersey Boys, Monty Python… you name it, TKTS still has it. But with this makeover, now you can actually find the booth and it’s clearly stated before you enter the long line what show tickets are up for grabs.

Discount tickets have never looked so good.

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