Picture 58Washington, D.C. may be named after America’s Revolutionary War Hero, but there’s only one building remaining from that period: The Old Stone House & Garden. Known as the last Pre-Revolutionary building standing in Washington, D.C. on its original foundation, this house has been a part of American history since the beginning.

In fact, part of the reason the house was preserved was due to local legend. According to the folklore, the architect of D.C., Pierre L’Enfant, stayed in the house while he was designing our nation’s capital. Although the legend proved to be false, it has still made a mark on the city.

Today, the house is host to a museum that recreates life in the late 1700s. The house is about 85% original to its 1700’s construction, and it is furnished to reflect upper-middle class living. It even contains a grandfather clock that was originally inside the house.

If the museum is not for you, the house also has a beautiful garden outside. Containing benches and flowerbeds, the caretakers have done a great job keeping the house as it was before America was the United States.

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