For those who like a little interaction and personalized touch to their orders, look no further than Kellari.  At this new downtown authentic Greek restaurant, patrons take matters into their own hands with fresh seafood hand-picked and cooked to order using true Mediterranean methods.

Specializing in fresh seafood straight from the Picture 22water, Kellari features a gorgeous fresh fish display, showcasing fifteen varieties of seafood, ranging from the native seas of Greece, Spain and Portugal, to the more familiar waters of the Atlantic.

Forget you’re in DC for a bit and start off with a bottle of authentic Greek wine and a few generously-portioned “mezedes,” or Greek small plates intended for sharing.  The crispy eggplant and zucchini Kellari Chips serve for a great beginning: coated in a decadent, golden batter, fried until crisp and served with a rich tzatziki dipping sauce.

Once you’ve had a bite to eat and settled into one of the warm, inviting booths, take a trip up to the impressive fish display.  Knowledgeable servers will provide ample information on each species’ native origins, textures and flavors, and corresponding preparation methods to help you make the best decision for a memorable dining experience.  Savor your hand-picked gorgeous masterpiece, grilled whole and served simply with olive oil, fresh lemon wedges and dusted with fragrant herbs – a truly unique rustic treat, and one that will take you all the way to the Mediterranean, even if just for a night.

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