As a tribute to the men and women who died in the controversial Vietnam War, Maya Linn designed this memorial with a simplicity that she hoped would “allow everyone to respond and remember.”  Divided into three memorials, each one is special and evokes a powerful message.

The memorial consists of the Three Soldiers Statue, VietnamPicture 5 Women’s Memorial, and the most well known of them all, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, which lists the names of those who died as a result of the war. The latter is made of two long, black granite walls that reflect the surrounding trees, grass, and other Vietnam monuments to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere. There are 58,261 names currently inscribed in the Memorial Wall, with one wall pointing towards the Washington Memorial and the other at the Lincoln Memorial.

The Three Soldiers Statue is a bronze sculpture and was built to complement the Memorial Wall, with the three soldiers looking towards the wall in tribute. Also visit the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, which depicts three uniformed women with a wounded soldier. Visiting this site is a moving and powerful experience, regardless of one’s personal experience to the war.

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