For traditionalists looking for true Washingtonian elegance, reserve a stunning room at the celebrated Willard Intercontinental Hotel.  Known as the “Crown Jewel of Pennsylvania Avenue,” it’s no wonder this hotel has nabbed such a compliment. With its distinctive grandeur and record of hosting nearly every U.S. President since Franklin Pierce in 1853, the Willard is much more than just another historic hotel.

The stunning landmark hotel exudes traditional American charm with its warm, Picture 7inviting guest rooms, and a hint of European opulence with its ornate dining facilities.  For those looking for a home away from home, indulge in one of the Willard’s stylish suites, each echoing the comforts of a true private residence (along with two bathrooms, luxurious sitting rooms, and gorgeous custom upholstery).  Grab the 3,000 square foot Thomas Jefferson suite for a no holds barred stay at one of the finest hotels in Washington.

Aside from around-the-clock laundry, valet and room services, the Willard Intercontinental boasts incredible eco-chic hospitality as the only hotel in DC completely supported by wind power.  Aside from eco-friendly power travelers, Conde Nast Traveler took notice by awarding the Willard a 2008 World Savers Award (the Willard is the only Urban Historic hotel yet to receive this distinction).

With an ideal downtown location, a seriously VIP guest book and a touch of Washingtonian charm, this Intercontinental is more than just a pretty façade.