Tucked away on the second floor of a Starbucks on Connecticut Avenue, the tiny glass door to Secondi may be hard to find; however, if you did find the rabbit hole, you will fall into a brand new fashion paradise. Walk through the mysterious little door, up a narrow staircase, and you will be welcomed into a spacious fashion heaven with consigned apparel and accessories at a heavily discounted price.  There is definitely something here for everyone. Don’t feel sorry for your boyfriend or husband who is waiting – Secondi has a special couch just for them. Boys, hand over that credit card or move out of the way.

Shhh – the insider’s tip is that with the high inventory turnover rate, newly consigned goods are replenished every 15 minutes and after one month on the rack, unsold items gets a 20% discount and two months later, they will be 40% off the tagged price! Visit secondi.com for more information.