Looking forward to your next vacation? Take a breather at Zorba’s Café.

With its scenic photographs, exotic bouzouki music, and the blue-white café reminiscent of Santorini, Zorba’s is the place for your temporary escape to Greece. As you indulge in a delicious souvlaki wrapped in pita bread or feast on other Greek homemade specialties, relax in the simple and homey atmosphere of this family owned café.  Other than the allure of Zorba’s energetic staff and its original recipes that were passed down over four generation, Zorba’s outdoor sidewalk patio is a great place to lounge as you imagine your secret getaway to the Aegean Sea.

Insider tip: Before you visit, go on Facebook and friend “Zorba’s Greek Restaurant” to learn about special deals and events like “Kids eat free!” or belly dance shows.