30356975.StreetPerformerSure, there’s a street festival nearly everyday at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, featuring world class jugglers and entertainment. But once a year Faneuil Hall holds a special free, three-day festival celebrating the street performers who perform there daily- and this year they’re pulling out all the stops for the Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performer’s 25th Annual Festival.

This year will feature Inca Son, world-renowned performers who will share the sights, sounds and culture of Peru and Latin America, with the audience as they headline three-dozen musical and variety acts. The festival will also feature Wacky Chad; Jungle Jim’s Wild Balloon Show; Colin the Quirky juggling bagpiper comic; and the USA Breakdancers.

During the festival the Faneuil Hall Marketplace will be open for business as usual, with all shops, restaurants and venues remaining open.