It has been said that Boston has more Irish people than Ireland, so what better way to celebrate its historic roots than a walk along the Irish Heritage Trail throughout downtown Boston and Back Bay.

Along the way, you’ll find the Boston Irish Famine Memorial that include eight narrative plaques that recount the 150th anniversary of Picture 16the country’s historic famine. Stop by the Boston Public Library’s Irish collection, which houses over 13,000 items, including materials on the formation of the Irish Free State, the Abby Theatre and Seamus Heaney. The Colonel Shaw Memorial is the city’s most prized public art, which took 14 years to complete, depicting the state’s 54th Black Infantry Regiment which fought valiantly in the Civil War.  End the day with a stop by Fenway Park, which was built by Irish immigrant Charles E. Logue.

The Trail is divided into three sections with 20 sites located in downtown Boston and Back Bay, covering more than three miles and over 50 other landmarks in Boston neighborhoods. Other highlights on the walking tour include the Rose Kennedy Garden, Kevin White statue, James Michael Curley statues and the Boston Massacre Memorial.