Picture 24We’ve all known about Paul Revere and his famous Midnight Ride since we were children, and Boston is that unique city where history comes alive. With an impressive 90% of the Paul Revere House in its original condition (and downtown Boston’s oldest building), the upstairs chambers contain authentic Revere Family furnishings. Everything in the house oozes history, from the courtyard’s 900 pound bell from the USS Constitution to the appliances in the eighteen century kitchen.

For those who need a brush up on American History, Paul Revere was an American patriot and talented silversmith whose famous Midnight Ride to Lexington alerted Samuel Adams, John Hancock and everyone along the way that the British were coming, sparking the American Revolution. Situated in the heart of The North End, and within walking distance of other Boston must-sees Faneuil Hall and the New England Aquarium, the Revere House is a must-see for history buffs and modern revolutionaries alike.

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