Picture 14Located in the heart of D.C., Rock Creek Park is not your average run-of-the-mill park. There is much more to do than just your usual stroll or picnic: play 18-holes at the Rock Creek Golf Course; swing a racket at the tennis courts; rollerblade or bike; rent a kayak, canoe or even a small sailboat at the boat center.

Want something more unique? Take a horseback riding lesson on the 13 miles of wide, dirt and gravel bridle trails in the northern section of the park.

But for those who just want to relax, this national park is great for that as well. Beautiful trees, fields, wild animals (coyotes!), and the serene sights and sounds of Rock Creek make a perfect setting for a hike on one of the many paths. You can even have a cell phone tour in specific areas. Just call the number and listen to a park ranger give a two-minute narration on various aspects of the park.

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