Diego Rocha is a Brazilian born handbag designer. He began his career in the finance field in Sao Paulo before making the transition to designer. Fortunately for Diego, fashion is in his genes. His mother was a pattern-maker so he grew up surounded by colorful clothes, needles and scissors. Watching his mother work not only inspired him but also gave him the necessary background to pursue his dream. He uses many textures and prints which are influenced by his native Brazil, a country known for its extensive wildlife.

Before settling in Chicago in 2005, Diego lived in New York City where he was able to perfect his skills. Although his equipment was unsuitable, he locked himself in his apartment for six months, experimenting with materials and teaching himself the techniques necessary to crystallize his vision. It is this devotion to his craft that shines through in every Diego Rocha design.

Each Diego Rocha design is carefully hand constructed to deliver sophistication and style to any occasion. Diego personally handpicks the raw materials, exclusive patterns and exquisite colors while handcrafting each detail every step of the way. This personal attention to detail and craftsmanship is what makes each handbag unique and a one of a kind piece of art.