In a time when it’s hip to be old school (what with the economy and all), it’s better to preserve your classics and opt for long standing treasures in lieu of trends du jour. Alas, Chicagoans who do so invest in antiques or reupholster their current furniture when they want a new look.

Time Treasures may be a bit off the beaten path (at Irving and Austin) but it is the spot to get inspired by European antiques and amazing mirrors and accessories (many which end up in the hippest restaurants in the city). They specialize in pieces from the 1800s to 1940s and yet can reupholster any piece you currently own to a brand new look!

Half the fun of visiting this store is interacting with the colorful owners – Jacek Kafel Sr. who was a rock star in his hey day in hometown Krakow, Poland and Creative Director, Anna Phillips – his daughter is known for becoming instant friends with her customers for her charm can not be beat!84