Wine and romance go hand in hand. For a true tastePicture 21 of both, Delaney Vineyards doesn’t disappoint. Grapevine, Texas is famous for its namesake and Delaney takes it one step further with free tours of the vineyard and winery, a vast selection of local wines (including beloved Sweet Texas Red and Three Daughters), and a French Chateau style building that is the perfect backdrop for special occasions.

While on the free tour (Mon-Sat 10am-5pm) , take the opportunity to spend around ten dollars on a stellar wine tasting. The wine tasting serves as a mini wine class, which is great for amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Guys, keep this place in mind when dreaming up a creative date that will set the mood-you’ll have a great time and your special someone will be impressed.

When you can’t afford to jet off to southern France or Napa Valley to sip the best, Delaney Vineyards is the escape you’ve been looking for, only much closer to home.