For those lookPicture 14ing to broaden their cultural horizons, schedule an evening full of the arts with a show-stopping performance by the internationally renowned Washington Ballet. TWB, as it’s known, has developed a celebrated reputation for its repertoire of contemporary performances, as well as its interpretations of notable 19th century pieces.  TWB has translated classic literary works such as Don Quixote, The Great Gatsby and the legendary Nutcracker into flawlessly choreographed modern ballets that continue to entertain the Washington community.

With performances at The Kennedy Center, The Harman Center for the Arts, and its very own intimate Washington Ballet England Studio Theatre located just off Wisconsin Avenue, TWB always entertains its audience with a myriad of talented performers with roots from around the world, as well as a continuous calendar of exceptional shows.

Insider Tip: Although TWB encourages all to attend performances for the betterment of the performing arts community, don’t forget to follow proper ballet etiquette, especially in Washington.  For inexperienced first timers, be sure to wear formal attire for Opening Night performances, and “business casual” for all other shows.

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