Mother and daughter team Evelyn and Jacque Silverman grew up in a household with five unique women, which gives them an edge on what women really want when it coPicture 6mes to clothes. They dreamed up Betty Cupcake, a Snider Plaza boutique that caters to women from their 20’s all the way to their 60’s(!), with style that crosses boundaries, time, and generations.

With hard to find designers like Whitney Eve (designed by MTV reality star Whitney Port,) and unique jewelry pieces that will spark instant conversation, Betty Cupcake is anything but typical. Owner Jacque will make recommendations that almost always are a perfect fit and garner major compliments from friends and foes alike, so don’t be afraid to ask for her advice. Browse the shabby chic shop and find wardrobe staples that both you and your mother will love. But don’t feel like you have to share, there’s enough here to fill everyone’s closet.