King Spa and Sauna isn’t your ordinary spa. It’s a Korean style spa (aka, a spa on steroids) complete with 11 spa and sauna rooms, including an oxygen room, an ice room, and an aroma room to purify your body and rid it of toxins. Admission is $20 for a full 24 hours of sweating, soaking, and relaxation. They even offer a $3 discount for “happy hour,” 6 am – 2 pm Monday through Thursday. King Spa also offers body scrubs and massages for an extra fee. In addition to the spa rooms, their facilities include computer rooms with wifi access, pools and even a food court serving traditional Korean specialties. If you’re planning on showing up in the wee hours of the morning, check their website or call ahead as some of their facilities close during the night for cleaning and maintenance. Also note that men and women spa separately.