Austin taco chain Torchy’s Tacos has branched out to Big D with a location in North Dallas, bringing its famous tacos with it. Torchy’s is a breath of fresh air, considering how few really good taco stands call DFW home. Torchy’s takes gourmet ingredients, mixes them up in clever combinations and wraps it all in a tortilla. The Mr. Pink (Ahi tuna and chipotle sauce), the fried avocado (self explanatory), and the brush fire (Jamaican jerk chicken, with mango and grilled jalapenos) are a few favorites on the menu. Torchy’s is also open for breakfast, with a special breakfast taco menu (though they will let you order off any menu whenever you want). Add to that four house-made special salsas to choose from and green chile queso that is Warning: consumption of Torchy’s Tacos tacos can lead to a condition often referred to as “taco coma.”