Frontera Grill’s Rick Bayless is a big fan of Chicago’s outdoor areas, but there’s something special about Daley Plaza that never gets old for him.  Daley Plaza is a great place to go year-rouCHIdaleyplazand, with events happening every season. From Halloween activities to the great Christmas tree to ethnic festivities to remembrance ceremonies for Memorial Day, there is always a reason to visit the area.

Even when there’s not an event going on, Rick Bayless told citybuzz he likes to head over to Daley Plaza due to a certain Spanish artist:

One of the places that I’ve never tired of walking through, and we have some really beautiful ones in Chicago, is the area right around Daley Plaza because we have that incredible Picasso sculpture… It’s really fun because they are enormous sculptures and they almost invite you to be part of it, to climb around in them, to interact with the sculpture in a way that I think the artist really want you to do. They are not something that’s sort of often and distant, but something that invite you into them.

Rick Bayless loves the sculpture in Daley Plaza, but we’re sure he also loves the Chicago farmer’s market that calls the plaza home from May through October.

***Rick Bayless is an award-winning chef-restaurateur, cookbook author, and television personality. Known for his Mexican cuisine, Bayless has become hugely successful with restaurants like Chicago’s Frontera Grill and America’s only fine-dining Mexican restaurant, Topolobompo.