With daily stressors that can wear and tear at your body (and every last nerve), it’s nice to have a place to get away from the grind.  Kabuki Springs and Spa in JaSFkabukipantown accommodates the pampering needs of all, from private, alternative wellness services to San Francisco’s only Japanese-style community baths.

Designed to promote harmony and relaxation, Kabuki specializes in the exotic Pan-Asian experience.  Just $20 at the door and you’re led through orchid and Buddha-lined hallways to a private dressing area, then through the steam curtains into the bath house.   Serene music plays in the background as you melt the stress away in the hot tub, warm and cold baths, sauna, or steam room.  There is no time limit on relaxation at Kabuki, so take a rest between each bath on cedar lounge chairs and hydrate with cucumber water or detoxifying tea.

Open seven days a week, Kabuki hosts men-only, women-only, or co-ed days, depending on your preference.  Talking is strongly discouraged (have fun banging the Thai-style gong if it gets too loud for you!) and intimacy is not allowed.  There’s no need for anyone to feel uncomfortable, since personal peace, space, and wellness are Kabuki’s top priority.