Citybuzz Los Angeles blogger Jessica Ingber interviews Stacie Hall

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How has the hills changed the way you view your city?

The Hills mainly focuses on Hollywood and the trendy places to go and hang out. Filming in different places really showed me there is a lot to do and see that’s not just clubs and glamour.

Was some of your favorite hang outs filmed on the hills? If so which ones?

The best place we filmed on the Hills was obviously Malibu for the summer. We were so fortunate to spend our days on the sand and have beach parties at night.

What do you love about your city?

I love that Los Angeles has it all. We have the city with cool restaurants and shops and only 20 miles from that is beautiful beaches. There’s not a lot of cities that have so many different things to do with very unique people.

What do you love about your city in the summer/fall?

Los Angeles has some of the most gorgeous weather. I love that everyone is very active riding bikes and going on hikes in the mountains.

What are some of your favorite neighborhoods? For eating? Museums? Nightspots?

I really like Hollywood and West Hollywood. I would highly recommend the Farmers Market for small restaurants that have a lot of character and have been around in Los Angeles the longest. The Griffith park observatory is also great and has great views of the city. My favorite Night spot is Teddy’s located in the Roosevelt hotel that has been around longer than most cubs and always draws a big crowd and is never too trendy.

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What is your favorite place to shop in the city?

I really enjoy the flea markets and farmers markets. You can spend your weekends browsing antiques and finding really original stuff. There’s a great place to find fresh fruit and a lot of local business’s at the farmers market near the grove.

What inspires you about your city?

I feel really lucky to be around so much history and old Hollywood glamour. Los Angeles is one of the places people can only dream about going and making there dreams come true.

Do you have an insider tip for tourists visiting your city for the first time?

If you’re a first time visitor I recommend going to check out Hollywood and Highland were the man Chinese theater and the Hollywood stars are.

Are you a regular somewhere? Local hangout?

I like trying new places whenever I can but I cant seem to get away from Venice beach!!! There’s always so much to do there including roller blading and riding bikes.

Do you have a secret spot in the city (to unwind, get away, people watch, read a book, escape) and why?

One of the most peaceful places is the top of Runyon canyon. It’s a short hike up the mountain and has views all the way to the ocean.