One of  NYC’s premiere steakhouses, Del Frisco’s stands out in a city filled with suits and their discerning steak tastes. Listed as one of the country’s top grossing restaurants, Del Frisco’s is located in the McGraw Hill building on 6th Avenue in, what NYMag claims, “is without question the most ubanely elegant steakhouse.”

The sophisticated, three-floor eatery is home to one of midtown’s most popular Happy Hours, filled with the beautiful and successful people in Midtown’s financial area. The wine list is one of the best in the city; the wine cellar and private party room is actually an old bank vault. For those martini lovers out there (this is NYC after all), Del Frisco’s offers an array of signature cocktails, including the popular “V.I.P,” which contains pineapple pieces soaked in Smirnoff Orange Vodka.

Now Del Frisco’s would not be a steakhouse without the steak, and the chefs here serve up some of the most mouth watering sirloins and filets. Regular customers almost instantly order the infamous crab cakes and freshly baked bread before biting into a juicy Double Eagle Strip Steak. Prices are reasonable for the large Manhattan portions. Reservations are not required, but recommended to be seated quickly.