On one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles you can finally get a taste of New York. The Thompson Hotel looks like it came straight out of the Big City with its leather sofas and swanky rooftop pool. With five other hotels in New York, The Thompson brings a similar glamorous New York vibe as well as New York favorites, such as Dean & Deluca goodies in the minibar.Picture 7

If you are looking for a trendy hotel where you won’t find drunken clubbers and late night action, this hotel is the perfect spot to be in. It’s a perfect location to put you in the heart of daytime shopping action and then withdraw you into seclusion at night.

This is also a place where you might actually enjoy staying around the corridors. BondSt is a phenomenal sushi restaurant that was replicated after the one in New York. The ABH bar, which stands for Above Beverly Hills, is a great place to grab a cocktail and enjoy the view. With restaurants straight from New York and the décor and vibe to match, it’s definitely time to be in a New York state of mind- but with better weather.