lelaboIf you have always wanted your signature scent and didn’t know where to turn, Le Labo Fragrances is an absolute must. The inside of the store looks more like a testing lab than a chic boutique, but the gentle details and eloquent touches give you a “Paris chic” vibe that the bustling streets of L.A. are missing.

One of the specialists in the store will walk you through your scent likes and dislikes, leaving you in charge to create your own signature scent. Though the bottles can get a bit pricey, they make great gifts that allow you to put your name and expiration date on the bottle.

If the idea of mixing lavender and vanilla all day long sounds unappealing, you can always opt for the other solution and purchase the perfumes on their website. Le Labo Fragrances on 3rd Street is one of those unforgettable places that makes you feel one of a kind, just like the perfume you bring home.