From Celine Dion to Snoop Dogg, everyone’s favorite hot dogs seem to be Pink.

Though the actual color of the dog isn’t that pretty shade, Paul Pink who started his first hotdog stand in 1939 is the reason people wait in hour long lines for the delicious dogs.

If you ever pass by Pink’s, you’ll probably notice the crowds hovering around the hotdog stand waiting to place an order. With famous options such as the Bacon Chili Cheese Dog or Chili Cheese Dog, anyone who’s anyone will tell you the line is worth the wait. Though original options definitely make a splash, offerings such as the Guacamole Hotdog or The Three Dog Night, featuring three hot dogs wrapped in a tortilla with bacon and cheese, are all becoming favorites to Angelinos.

With great tasting hotdogs and prices to match, people from all over the world venture to Pink’s not only for the food but also for the experience. There is truly something about waiting in line and calling out an order that makes the experience rather than breaks it. Similar to the long lines, parking can be just as difficult.

If you truly want a Pink’s experience, it wouldn’t be the same without the difficulty of parking and the long, long lines.

All for a Pink.

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