If you are looking for the ultimate staycation, pack your bags to the brim.


The Roosevelt Hotel is one of the only hotels in Los Angeles where you can enjoy the best burger, best pool and best bar the city has to offer. Dining at the Roosevelt means trying a burger at 25 Degrees, a restaurant inside the hotel that is open seven days a roosevelt hotel picweek where burger lovers can unite.

Once you finish the last crumb of your burger, a drink at the Tropicana Bar is essential. The poolside bar has become a popular hangout for young Hollywood royalty and a plethora of celebrities and their followers. For those looking to get out of their bathing suits and into nighttime attire, a visit to Teddy’s located directly off the lobby is perfect for sipping and star-spotting ,if the lines aren’t long and guest lists aren’t strict.

After you have wined, dined and laid by the pool, trust us, you’ll never want to leave.

Hey, we told you to over pack.