Unless you are in Italy, it is not easy to find a venue where you can have a perfect slice of pizza, in an welcoming environment. Fortunately for New Yorkers, there is Rubirosa , located on Mulberry between Prince and Spring Street. This little Italian restaurant is one of the coziest venues I know, and their pizza is one of the best I ate in New York so far. But don’t get distracted by the pizza only, because most of their dishes are simply delicious. And caution – no matter what you order from their menu, it is going to come in a large quantity. Being lunch or dinner time, Rubirosa is always crowded, and their staff always friendly. The gorgeous wooden bar, the wooden floors, and dimmed lights make the place look rustic and warm, reminding of a nineteen century farm in Italy’s countryside. But what makes Rubirosa truly memorable is certainly the food.