The art movement in Austria and Germany in the first half of the twentieth century influenced the course of art history for generations to come. Simply remember the master Gustav Klimt, Alfred Cubin or Grosz.
The Neue Gallery on Fifth Avenue and 86th Street, collects, preserve, and exhibits some of the most beautiful masterpiece of that period, including paintings, sculptures, or diverse decorative arts in a superb space. The gallery is in a Beaux-Arts mansion house, with a marble staircase which gives access to all the floors.
Visiting the museum is not only a pleasant visual experience, but a history lesson also. The German art for instance, emphasizes on significant events of the twentieth century.
And if you are overwhelmed by the beauty and wight of the art, take a break and have a tea and desserts in their gorgeous Cafe Sabarsky, and imagine yourself in Vienna in the 1900s.