Many museums claim to be one of the leading institutions of art, but very rarely can one stake claim as the preeminent museum, but so is the case at the Whitney. Its specialty? Americana, baby. With installations, sculptures, photography, paintings, and film starring Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, and up and coming designers, The Whitney is known for its innovative collections and is one of the most beloved museums by in-the-know New Yorkers.

It’s fitting that the highly regarded American art museum has an equally fabulous American heritage. The Whitney was started by none other than American royalty, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. The sculptor/socialite found it nearly impossible for emerging artists to find an exhibition space, so in 1931, The Whitney Museum of American Art was born.

Its most famous exhibition is the annual Whitney Biennial from February to May; it’s become so popular that it’s now regarded as one of the leading art exhibitions in the entire world. Focused on contemporary art, The Biennial stays true to the Whitney’s foundations and is a grand debut for many emerging artists and an incredible showcase for the more famous ones. The Biennial is in its 75th year and is getting more diverse and innovative with age.

For those wanting a great taste of American art that’s surprising, thought-provoking and beautiful in the same breath, there truly is no better place in the world than The Whitney.

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