Picture 8With a full name like “Calypso St. Barth,” this store that has become a global brand lives up to its namesake posh inspirations. After walking away with any of its beautiful clothing, it’s impossible not to look like the luxurious, mystical sea nymph. Specializing in boho chic, flowy beach wear, Calypso has all your vacation (a.k.a. Hamptons) styling needs.

Calypso started in the tiny Caribbean island of St. Barth with a focus on women destined for exotic locations like Rajastan, Marrakesh and Bali. Calypso has become most famous for its beaded caftans, colorful tunics and stunning silk dresses that perfectly compliment the finer destinations in the world. But this store completes the look with beach complimentary thong sandals, wedges, long, golden necklaces, leather bangles, large sunhats, and no fancy traveler would be complete without the pink leather European Destination Guide. The look is the perfect, unintentional chic styling that can take you straight from the beach to a seaside five-star brunch.

For those who need the perfect outfit for a weekend in the Hamptons, winter getaway to St. Barth’s or even casual wear for the warm New York City summers, Calypso is the go-to place for the posh beachanistas.

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