Out with the old, in with the new. In New York nightlife, that means goodbye Britney fave Lotus, hello super-hot Simyone Lounge. What was once the VIP section (floor) of the Chelsea favorite Lotus is now an entire club that is so VIP it goes by its initialsPicture 9. Brought to you by the masters of meatpacking nightlife, EMM Group of Tenjune fortune, SL has all the same management, killer music, and strict doormen that make a club du jour a hot staple in New York City.

This highly anticipated re-opening has thus far lived up to its buzz. Opening during New York’s favorite holiday season, a.k.a. Fashion Week, SL brought in leggy models and the admiration of the hard-to-please New York Times. Since then both young and Hollywood have been making this their nightlife home, from the cast members of Gossip Girl to the likes of Demi Moore and Mickey Rourke.

If you’re one of the beautiful few that makes it past the door, the basement club is pure energy. At the front is a narrow bar/lounge (lounge is a term used very lightly, meaning bottle-service tables with large, leather couches) that opens up into a full-on standing room only club complete with rainbow disco balls and world-renowned DJ’s spinning techno, classic rock, top 40, and hip hop all in one night.